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22.06.2018 -

Skincare For Brides

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Our skincare beauty guide for the bride (and the groom).

The "most beautiful day" in a women’s life should be perfect.The anticipation is great, the amount of organization equally so. Weather it’s a big wedding or a small one, the bride wants to look perfect and feel great during her special day.  For this we have collected our most valuable tips and packed them into a small beauty countdown

1 Month: Facial with décolleté: An extensive face treatment with intensive cleansing about a month before the big day gives the skin enough time to balance itself and boost a bridal-glow. At the Susanne Kaufmann Spa, we rely on an individual facial treatment with mild exfoliation, intensive cleansing, a nourishing mask and a pampering massage that gently loosens tensions in the face.  We achieve a particularly intensive and lasting effect with a supplementary ultrasound treatment. Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep skin layers and activate the entire skin tissue. In addition to the highly effective serums from Susanne Kaufmann™, the skin cells in the face and décolletage are filled with new energy. The complexion is significantly improved - a perfect base for wedding make-up.

By the way: Our facial treatment is also available for men! Bring your loved one and spend a pre-honeymoon get way at the Hotel Post Bezau - two days off, take a deep breath and relax.

Our tip: One month before the wedding your hands will be happy about an extra dose of care - because on the wedding day they will be photographed more often than usually. Our hand peeling, a smoothing serum and nourishing nail oil will make the final manicure look perfect.

2 Weeks before: Hair: Whether dyed or natural, short or long - scalp and hair welcome some intensive care. Regular hair masks keep the hair structure healthy and prevent brittle strands and hair breakage. Color or lightening should be done any later than two weeks before the wedding date. Hairdresser Christoph Tomann, who advised on the development of Susanne Kaufmann™ hair care products, confirms that dyed hair develops its full effect after about three to four washes.

1 Week before: Bespoke Rejuvenating Facial: For Susanne Kaufmann true beauty is the "harmonious combination of charisma and personal well-being ". Treat yourself with our 90-minutes Bespoke Rejuvenating Facial one week before the big day. The treatment counteracts the signs of aging, reduces the effects of harmful environmental influences and relaxes the facial muscles. Fascia techniques, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage relieve tension, stimulate skin metabolism and transform the skin structure. The three ampoules of the Pollution Skin Defense System by Susanne Kaufmann™ are incorporated during the treatment with various massage techniques. The vitamin C ampoule increases the ability of the skin to fight against free radicals and at the same time detoxifies the cells. Ectoin, one of our key ingredients in the anti-aging skin care range, stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens cell protection. This leaves the skin prepped for the powerful Q10 serum, incorporated to stimulate collagen production. The result is a strengthened, toned skin texture and a relaxed youthful look.

Our tip: A relaxing full-body massage that balances body and mind is also great and can be wonderfully combined with a facial massage.

1 Day before: Mani- und Pedicure: So that the nail colour remains without scratches and cracks and still can dry well, we recommend a manicure and pedicure the day before the wedding. At our Susanne Kaufmann Spa you can expect a classic manicure with a hand massage, followed by a scrub and a hand wrap. Your feet will be pampered with a classic medical foot care.

The final neck massage releases last tension – and you are ready for your big day!

Our tip: Against tired or heavy legs, we have a small wonder weapon that fits into any bridal bag - our Leg and Vein Spray.


We wish you a wonderful party and a happy life together!

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