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10.07.2019 -

Reduces pigment spots and acts against hyperpigmentation

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Skin Brightening and Radiance Complex - Part of the Advanced Anti Aging System from Susanne Kaufmann™.

The cause of pigmentation spots, or hyperpigmentation, is the skin producing too much melanin, which is a pigment that effects the color of the skin.

There are a range of factors that might lead to the appearance of pigmentation spots, with the most common being sunlight, genetic predisposition, hormonal influences, and various skin aging processes. No matter what causes them, pigmentation spots always come about in the same way.

Let’s look at an example: When UV rays come into contact with the skin, the melanocytes, small pigment-forming cells in the skin, stimulate the synthesis of melanin. But that’s not all: Tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme present in human tissue, is another key component in this process. It converts monophenols to highly chemically reactive substances called quinones, which can then start to combine to form melanin. And the result is that the skin becomes darker, or browner.

This is where the Skin Brightening and Radiance Complex from Susanne Kaufmann™ comes in. The serum’s powerful formula includes a cellular-active tyrosinase inhibitor made from pea extract. This prevents the substances from combining, putting a stop to increased production of melanin.

The best part is that the Skin Brightening and Radiance Complex can be used for tackling existing darker patches as well as stopping them from appearing in the first place. The Lightening Serum contains sucrose dilaurate, a surfactant based on cane sugar, in addition to the pea extract, so as to have a lightening effect on areas that have already been affected. When combined, these two substances reduce the melanin present, causing pigmentation spots to gradually become noticeably lighter. The results of studies have shown that there is a clear improvement after just six weeks. Unlike lots of other hyperpigmentation treatment products that contain aggressive acids to bleach the skin, the Lightening Serum is extremely soft and gentle on the skin.

Additional ingredients nourish and hydrate the skin nicely, with cocoa butter supporting the skin’s natural barriers and galactoarabinan, a polysaccharide from larch bark, protecting the moisture reserves in the skin. Plus, squalane, a clear and fragrance-free oil produced using olives, stops the oxidation or disappearance of the skin’s natural oils. Over time, squalane even forms a hydrolipidic film to keep the skin well hydrated and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The Susanne Kaufmann™ Skin Brightening and Radiance Complex 30ml is available online at

Susanne Kaufmann™ Skin Brightening and Radiance Complex is part of the Advanced Anti Aging Line. The Advanced Anti Aging System from Susanne Kaufmann™ is the perfect synergy between nature and technology. The formulations contain up to 8 times higher concentrations of active ingredients, which are especially effective in the case of signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, lack of moisture and slowing cellular regeneration and hyper-pigmentation. The patented system of products repairs cellular information and regenerates the associated damage to DNA. The Advanced Anti Aging System nourishes, protects and repairs demanding and damaged skin. The result is a well-groomed, youthful looking skin with a flawless finish.

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