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03.03.2020 -

Our Mission

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With over 100 skin-care products, Susanne Kaufmann™ has been showing that natural luxury cosmetics in top spa quality aren’t just the preserve of the big brands but instead are shaping the future trends of the entire beauty industry.

When we develop products we don’t make any compromises – whether it’s on the natural recipes, the promise of the utmost quality and efficacy of the skin-care products, or the striving toward using the best production technologies and processes in a sustainable way. Only when our products exceed our demanding standards do they get to your skin.

That’s why we want to share our basic principles with you:


Our Ingredients

Susanne Kaufmann has been convinced of the healing power of plants and their natural active ingredients since she was a little girl. Knowledge of the healing effect of plants has been passed down from generation to generation in her hometown in the Bregenzerwald in western Austria. We use the strongest-acting alpine plants as the main ingredients in our skin-care line.


Our Production Technology and Manufacturing Process

The latest findings from research and production technology help us to gently extract the most effective ingredients from the plants without affecting their efficacy. That’s why we only use cold-pressing to process our plant-derived ingredients. On the one hand, this ensures that the bioactive properties are preserved, while on the other hand, an optimal particle size is achieved, which facilitates easy application of the products and rapid absorption by the skin.


Our Factory

We have been producing our cosmetics containing natural active ingredients with Ingo Metzler for 15 years. He is one of the pioneers of organic and natural cosmetics. Our current range of 90 products is manufactured using environmentally friendly production technologies and processes at his factory, which is a 15-minute drive from our headquarters in Bezau. We believe in absolute transparency and are happy to give tours of the production site. Regularly Susanne Kaufmann herself gives an insight into the production of the skin-care line as part of a tour and is of course prepared to answer any questions you may have.



For us, it stands to reason that, while we are using the power of nature for our products, our impact on the environment should be as small as possible.

 With that in mind:

  • We source our plant-based ingredients from the Bregenzerwald and all our other ingredients come from the local area too.
  • We make sure that our bottles and jars are made from glass that can be easily recycled where possible. When we are forced to use plastic, you can rest assured that it will have already been recycled and that we will have sourced it from Austria or Germany.
  • Our cardboard packaging is produced locally to ensure that jobs are guaranteed at a regional level. And it goes without saying that it will be fully recyclable.
  • All of our production facilities are run on solar power.


Our Obligation


We make highly effective skin-care products with natural active ingredients without losing sight of the highest environmental standards.

We promise the utmost quality in raw materials and processing in every product phase – from start to finish. That’s why Susanne Kaufmann still checks every batch of products herself.

We produce highly effective products without damaging the environment.

We believe in pure beauty, which is why our products: 

  • CONTAIN cold-pressed formulations packed with active ingredients, natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Are FREE FROM parabens, minerals, artificial aromas, softeners (phtalates), gluten, artificial colors, fillers, binders, sulphates, and silicone.
  • Are NOT tested on animals! Are NOT available in countries where animal testing is permitted.

More information about our philosophy you can find here.

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