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24.07.2017 -

How To Achieve Timeless Beauty

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Want youthful radiance? Discover the new anti-ageing body care from Susanne Kaufmann™.

Anti-aging is primarily associated with our face. Creams, serums and lotions help to reduce the signs of ageing skin from the face to the décolleté. The signs of time and life are also visible on the arms, legs and upper body. Susanne Kaufmann has now added two body care products to her highly effective Anti-Aging series: The rich Anti-Aging body cream and the intensively firming Anti-Aging body serum.


Our skin loses tightness all over the body with increasing years. Although a few herbs have been grown to counter this, the effective anti-aging programme should include the right amount of exercise and balanced nutrition too. Check out our Body Rejuvenation retreat on this topic at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa. In her new anti-aging body care products, Susanne Kaufmann uses an effective ingredient complex made of caffeine, tiger grass extract and boldo. In the cream, this is supplemented with anti-inflammatory wild yam extract and moth bean extract.

Anti-Aging body cream.

This rich cream supports the formation of new collagen and slows the ageing process in the skin cells. The body cream is very effective after a peeling or brush bath. Apply liberally and massage inwards towards the heart until the cream has been completely absorbed by the skin. This additionally stimulates the lymphs and boosts the elimination of toxins. The skin already looks smoothed and vitalised after just a few applications.

Anti-Aging body serum.

The highly concentrated body serum is suitable for the treatment of cellulite. It firms and smooths the structure of the connective tissues and stimulates the metabolism in the tissue cells, while simultaneously breaking down fat cells. A daily application makes the skin look considerably tauter in no time at all. The serum is rapidly absorbed by the skin and is particularly suitable for preventing any weakness in the connective tissue. In combination with the body cream, the serum can be used for the intensive and effective treatment of problem zones.

Both products will be available on the webshop and from our partners.

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