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26.09.2017 -

How To Achieve Silky Summer Hair

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Our 3 tips and tricks for healthy and beautiful summer hair.

Whether a big mane or short pixie cut, our hair – just like our skin – needs an extra shot of protection and care in summer. Heat, salty or chlorinated water as well as increased sweating can change the structure of the individual hairs and knock the scalp out of balance. Today, we offer you three tips for an easy and effective way to pamper your hair – whether at home or at the beach.


Use your time in the deckchair to maximum effect and pamper your hair with a hair mask while you enjoy the sun and perhaps a good book. Susanne Kaufmann™ mask intensive repair builds up the structure of the hairs from root to tip, repairs any damage and strengthens the individual strands. In particular, the amino acids of the silk help with this by topping up the level of moisture in the hair. Your hair becomes velvety to the touch, gains in vitality and has a healthy shine. Our tip: Allow the hair mask to work for at least 15 minutes.


Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp. Sweatin g and other factors such as salty or chlorinated water can knock the scalp slightly out of balance, especially in the summer months. The hair elixir, a highly effective serum from Susanne Kaufmann™, restores your scalp’s balance. A plant-based complex of B, C and E vitamins as well as biotin and the active ingredients from silk, mallow and wheat germ nourish and calm the scalp. Hair growth is improved by a formula consisting of caffeine and plant-based cosmeceuticals. Our tip: Gently massage in the elixir and leave it to work for at least 15 minutes – even better for a whole afternoon or over night.


Heat, sunlight, water and our own sebum production cause hair to dry out in summer. Making intensive moisturising care for your hair all the more important. Susanne Kaufmann™ conditioner volume can be left in the hair, making it instantly easy to comb, especially for fine hair. Without being stressed even more, the brittle strands are smoothed and moisture levels restored thanks to the amino acids of the silk contained in the formula. Plant-based keratin strengthens the hair and leaves it compact and full-bodied, while the beer extract provides a natural hold.

We wish you a fantastic summer!

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