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23.08.2019 -

Benefits Of Face Oils

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Read about the powerful benefits of Susanne Kaufmann's Face Oil Line F.

The liquid gold that is plant oil has been used as a beauty product since antiquity. Susanne KaufmannTM has combined twelve herbal essences and plant oils to create the innovative Face Oil Line F. As soon as you apply this product, it blends into your face, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and your complexion looking radiant.

Perfect. The highly effective combination of organic flower essences and oils with antioxidant effects gives the skin the ultimate boost of moisture and stimulates the skin’s functions. Pomegranate, apricot kernel, and argan oils are known for their intensely nurturing properties. The Face Oil has an incredibly light texture, quickly penetrating into the topmost skin layers and activating the skin’s functions from within – regardless of the skin type.

Highlight. The Face Oil Line F boasts a wonderful array of effects: it reduces the size of the pores, making it a perfect base for makeup. Plus, you can kiss areas of stressed skin goodbye in no time and give your face a boost of radiance when the product is used as a highlighter on the cheekbones or lips.

Ritual. Treat yourself to a little morning and evening ritual featuring one or two drops of Susanne Kaufmann’s Face Oil. Once you have cleansed, make sure your face and hands are a little wet. Then, rub one or two drops of the oil between your hands until it warms up. Stop to breathe in the subtle fragrance and gently massage the oil into your face. What a lovely way to escape from reality for a few minutes.

The Face Oil is part of Line F from Susanne KaufmannTM. Line F can be relied upon to calm the skin and restore its natural balance. Oilier parts of the skin become clear and matte again, while dry areas are treated to a nourishing boost of moisture. If you have sensitive combination skin that is prone to dry, oily, and red patches, Line F is the perfect choice of skin care for you.

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