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08.12.2017 -

An extra bit of love and care

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Our tips for skin care during pregnancy.

In the nearly ten months of pregnancy, the female body performs an astonishing feat - a new life is growing inside it. So that the expecting mother can still feel good in her skin throughout this time, we have gathered up the best tips from our therapists and mums for skin and body care during pregnancy.


A pregnancy triggers a multitude of hormonal changes in the body. These can sometimes also be seen in the complexion. Alongside the well-known “glow” of an expectant mother, skin impurities and pigmentation spots may also show up on the face. A thorough daily cleansing creates a healthy foundation for a great complexion. Use products with extra-mild washing substances so as not to put any strain on the skin. If your sense of smell becomes more acute or changes significantly, odourless products can be a good choice. Go for a daily skin care that provides long-lasting moisture and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Your sensitivity to heat can also change during pregnancy, and a cream that leaves a film on the skin does not “feel” comfortable. To treat pigmentation spots, we recommend our brightening serum. The active ingredient of our Skin Lightening and Radiance Complex will help to diminish those pigmentation spots.


Your breast size can change visibly even in the first trimester. So be sure to give your growing breasts an extra bit of attention from the very start. Regular, light massages with invigorating oils prepare the skin for the further growth of the breast and give additional elasticity. With its valuable composition of almond and jojoba oil, the Stretch mark oil invigorates the connective tissue. In addition, it makes the skin surface softer and therefore more elastic.


During pregnancy, the growing belly naturally receives a lot of attention. Extra caresses are good for mum, baby and the skin. Because especially with a rapidly expanding belly, the stretching of the skin can cause feelings of tension and itching. In addition, stretch marks can form due to pregnancy; these are tears in the elastin and collagen tissue that are slightly red-purple in colour and go pale after pregnancy but do not completely disappear. To prevent this, we recommend a massage twice a day with nourishing oil or a rich lotion. Susanne Kaufmann swears by her Stretch mark oil, whose effective complex of smoothing almond oil, wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E and moisturising jojoba oil was designed for the skin during pregnancy. The arnica extract in the oil counteracts water retention. Massage your stomach with a small amount of oil each morning and evening. The oil is most effective on lightly moisturised skin since a water/oil emulsion can then be absorbed more easily into the skin.

If your loved ones ask you what you want for Christmas, how about some mum time with us at the Hotel Post Bezau? In our day spa, you can enjoy some wonderful pampering with the right treatments: Foot care and massages, leg wraps, relaxation massages, care packages for the baby belly and plenty of peace and quiet.

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