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10.07.2017 -

A day in the sun...

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What are Susanne Kaufmann‘s essentials for her beach bag?

For a summer’s day in the sun, Susanne Kaufmann always packs sunscreen products for her face and body along with a moisturizing spray, a leave-in conditioner and a lip balm. Just like that, a day in the sun can be transformed into an outdoor spa day.

Radiant skin

Pure freshness with just two pumps! The Harmonizing Moisturizing Spray by Susanne Kaufmann™ provides immediate refreshment and long-lasting care. In comparison to conventional water sprays, the nourishing ingredients of the moisturizing spray remain on your skin, even when the water has evaporated. Witch hazel blossom water and regenerating ectoine ensure your complexion looks great. The moisturizing ingredients like silk and plant-based hyaluron counteract feelings of tension. You can use the spray at any time – even over your make-up!

Voluminous hair

The combination of sun and salt water or pool water can make a mess of your hair, causing dry, brittle ends. Susanne Kaufmann uses the sun as haircare: She works the Conditioner Volume evenly through hair using a comb and then styles it in a simple chignon (short or medium-length hair looks great combed back into a trendy wet look). The warmth of the sun helps the nourishing ingredients of the conditioner penetrate even deeper into the hair follicle. Silk-based amino acids help to replenish the moisture deposits in your hair and plant-based keratin provides more volume. The biotin of the beer extract gives your hair natural hold. The conditioner stays in your hair until the next time you take a cooling dip.

Smooth lips

Intensive heat can put a strain on the sensitive skin of your lips, especially in the summer. This is why chapped lips are not uncommon when the weather is hot. The Lip balm by Susanne Kaufmann™ nourishes with its pure plant-based ingredients and beeswax. The chamomile provides an extra dose of care. Susanne‘s secret tip for smooth lips: Apply your facial sunscreen to your lips as well. Then apply lip balm over the top several times a day.

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