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07.06.2018 -

7,884,000 minutes = 15 years. Time to celebrate.

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15 years Susanne Kaufmann™, something to celebrated.

We are inviting friends, fans and companions to the Hotel Post Bezau on August 10, 2018, to do just that with us. Good food and music are of course part of this celebration. The former will be served by the kitchen team around Stefan Jazbec and the necessary "Bezau Beatz" will be provided by the local music festival, which takes place at the same time not to far from the hotel and to which we have always been and are still very much connected - one evening of the festival will be powered by Susanne Kaufmann this year.

Vogel. You may be wondering what a natural cosmetics brand and an avant-garde music festival have in common. We’ll tell you: a bird (ger.: Vogel). If you look at the cardboard packaging of the Susanne Kaufmann™ products, you will discover a little bird. The music festival Bezau Beatz also centers around a ‘Vogel’: Alfred Vogel. Initiator and mastermind of the festival, jazz musician and husband of Susanne Kaufmann. The birdie on the packaging is a tribute to him and this will also be part of the celebration August 10th.

A Family Matter. Eighteen years ago, Alfred Vogel was set to leave for New York City to try his luck as a jazz musician. A concert appearance with his former band at the Hotel Post Bezau, however, put a stop to these plans. There he met Susanne, who had just taken over the hotel.  Architect and brother-in-law Oskar Leo Kaufmann planned a recording studio in their family home. This way, Alfred Vogel would bring the international jazz world to Bezau - to record and play along. With Boomslang Records Alfred Vogel produces well-known artists and newcomers to the international jazz scene. And every summer his festival Bezau Beatz brings fantastic artists far from the mainstream to the Bregenzerwald. The full program for this years Bezau Beatz from the 9th to the 11th of August can be found here.

Celebrate. The celebratory evening of the 10th of August will be framed by diverse concerts from the Bezau Beatz program and will culminate in a special clubbing. Michi Beck of the Fantastic Four and his wife Uli will be behind the turntables as "Beck To Beck", and will  provide 90's and new school hip-hop, R & B, funk, disco and much more for an entertaining party night.

And because a party night can leave a few traces as well, our spa and Bregenzerwald mountains offer relaxation and recreation the following day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

PS: At the Bezau Beatz this year you shouldn’t miss Stale Storlokken, the Kässpätzle with SNAP, Hanretti, Maja Bugge in the Rüttiger Church and Hang Em High. Celebrate with us at Hotel Post Bezau

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