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Susanne Kaufmann Retreats

Creating a supportive and healthy lifestyle is of central importance to Susanne Kaufmann. To ensure that everyone’s requirements to health and wellbeing are met, she combined a holistic spa concept with varied activity programmes, beautiful natural surroundings and gourmet moments to create a new lifestyle experience. Susanne Kaufmann has been careful to ensure that the results are not just noticeable during your stay but that you return home better equipped to continue and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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The noise of everyday life often distracts us from the essential, so it is important to find some peace in order to refocus.

Susanne Kaufmann

From Yoga to full Body Shaping

From yoga to the full detox retreat programme, the lifestyle concept of Susanne Kaufmann focuses on helping you to detach from the heavy demands that modern life places on both body and mind. Harmony and union form the basis of the retreat - sustainable health is the result. A handpicked selection of trainers and therapist offers retreats from Yoga to body shaping.