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Susanne Kaufmann Spa Concept Worldwide

The philosophy and care that Susanne Kaufmann applied in the creation of her first spa at Hotel Post Bezau, has also been applied in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa Concept. This concept has since been implemented both nationally and internationally and has received many awards. Some important hotel partners are Stue Berlin, Barrocal Portugal, Ritz Carlton Wien, Kronthaler Achensee, Waldhaus Sils Schweiz, the Four Seasons Surf Club Miami, Bürgenstock Hotels and many more.

The Spa Ethos

Embracing and catering to everyone’s individual needs is at the heart of the treatment ethos offered by the spas. The treatments are perfectly tuned to our cosmetic care range and offer a unique treatment experience through the power of energetic rituals and the combination of old and new therapeutic methods.


It is crucial to the integrity, high standards of excellence, and the world-renowned reputation of the Susanne Kaufmann spa that all of our therapists enjoy the best levels of training. Not only are they all classically trained but we also have our own in-house training programme so that they are fully educated about natural cosmetics, trained to prescribe a skincare protocol for each client, and receive consultation training so they are fully able to understand and then cater to the needs of every guest.