The Ideal Post-workout Skincare Routine

The Ideal Post-workout Skincare Routine

A guide to sporty skincare.

When we get active, our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is activated. Our heart rate increases, our airways open, our body warms up, and our sweat glands activate. The more intense your workout, the more you will tend to sweat. This impressive natural reaction is essentially our body’s own system for controlling the temperate of our bodies; it prevents us from overheating internally. 99% of sweat is water and the rest are made up of metabolic waste products like urea, uric acid, and salt. Even though this proportion of sweat that isn’t water is comparatively low, it can still cause impurities and irritation when left on the skin. Combine this with external environmental factors, especially if we exercise outside or have makeup on during our workout, it’s essential the skin is cared for before and after an active session. 


Before and during workout hydration

The Susanne Kaufmann Moisturizing Spray is the most effective way to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed before and during your workout session. It provides skin with an intense burst of moisture and prevents tightness that is caused from the natural salt in your sweat. The hydrating spray combats free radicals and has an antioxidant effect. Spritz your face, neck, and chest as and when you need a veil of hydration. For an extra-refreshing boost to help cool the skin and prevent redness, pop the spray in the fridge before your exercise session.

Post workout Cleanse

Caring for the skin after a workout is just as important as cooling down and stretching. For your face, the first step is an essential cleanse. Rinse your face with lukewarm or cold water first, to make sure that the pores close up again, and then lather on the Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel or Milk to thoroughly remove any sweat residue and dirt. We all head straight for a shower post-workout, but this really is important to keep the skin on your body healthy and cleanse the skin of sweat and dirt that cause lead to irritations. >A gentle shower gel with moisturizing and soothing ingredients like aloe vera is ideal. Thanks to this special ingredient, the Susanne Kaufmann Shower/Shampoo protects, repairs, soothes, and cools the skin. It also contains Hydrolyzed silk that offers antibacterial protection for the skin and maintains the skin’s natural hydration and moisture content.

Regeneration Phase

It can take a while after exercise before the body's rest and digestion response is triggered, formally known as the parasympathetic response. During this time, the body will often continue to sweat as the optimal temperature is restored. Therefore it’s important to apply light creams, serums, and lotions to your face and body to make sure that the skin’s flora and pH value do not become unbalanced as a result. The Susanne Kaufmann Face Gel Matte reduces shiny areas in the T-zone, while the highly-effective Mineral Body Lotion keeps the acid-alkaline equilibrium in check. For a relaxing and balancing effect, try the Muscle Release Oil, which will also prevent muscle ache so you can feel your best the next day.