Revive Your Complexion in Just 15 Days

Revive Your Complexion in Just 15 Days

Worried about the effects of pollution on your skin? Here's the answer...

It aims to rejuvenate and regenerate tired and stressed skin. By the end of the program, your skin will be left looking and feeling refreshed and radiant with its natural vitality restored. Suitable for all skin types.

Our skin is often exposed to external influences, such as cold air, dirt, blue light, and UV radiation, without any form of protection. Over time, the signs of this exposure are clear to see, as the skin becomes thinner and drier with less elasticity and fine lines start to show. Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, this may even happen when you are in your early thirties. The 15-day, ampule-based “Pollution Skin Defense System” from Susanne Kaufmann can prevent and minimize the effects of this process.

The specially developed detoxification and strengthening program for your skin is based on three different skincare phases. The first five days of the ampule program are dedicated to eliminating toxins and ensuring that free radicals cannot have a harmful effect given the major part they are known to play in premature skin aging. The highly effective antioxidant effect of vitamin C is harnessed here, as it stimulates the skin’s own defense mechanisms, promotes the elimination of toxins and waste products from metabolic processes, and clears pigmentation and age spots. Urbalys is also used as a free-radical interceptor, while natural pentylene glycol, an active ingredient extracted from sugar cane, binds water in the skin as a way of boosting its elasticity. During the first five days of the program, use your fingers to massage the content of one ampule into your skin after you have cleansed it in the evening.

During phase two, on days six to ten, ectoine is crucial as an active ingredient that prevents cell damage and increases the skin’s capacity to store moisture so that it is better protected against harmful influences. QT40 and magnolia extract are two further ingredients that unleash their power during phase two. They improve the firmness of the skin, effectively combat cell damage caused by UV radiation and environmental toxins, and ease inflammatory processes in the skin, with its protective barrier being strengthened. The instructions from phase one continue to apply here too: Simply massage the content of one ampule gently into your skin after cleansing it in the evening.

Days eleven to fifteen are dedicated to stimulating cell metabolism and restoring your skin’s radiance. The coenzyme Q10 found in the final five ampules is extracted from fermented yeast and can be relied upon to stimulate collagen production, leaving the skin firmer and stronger. What’s more, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid works like a sponge in the deeper layers of the skin, binding moisture and providing a moisture reserve under the skin. Magnolia extract is also at play during the third phase to keep the skin’s protective barrier nice and strong. As always, all you need to do is open the ampule, apply the content, and leave it to work its magic.

Here you can find detailed information about the Pollution Skin Defence System.