Benefits of Rose Water

Benefits of Rose Water

Read all about Rose Water, a powerful beauty elixir.

Rose water was already part of beauty regimens millennia ago in ancient Persia as a healing all-rounder: Fragrant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. It was used for skin care, wound care, as well as for flavoring food. Many centuries later, it came over the Silk Road and the Bosporus to Central Europe, where it experienced a true explosion in popularity. Since then, the distillates from Damascus rose or Provence rose have become indispensable in skin care products. Susanne Kaufmann appreciates the power of the beautiful flower, and launched the new Rose Water Mist just a few weeks ago.


Versatile. The Susanne Kaufmann Rose Water Mist contains the distillate of the Damascus Rose – enriched with other active ingredients to support the luxurious and versatile effects of the rose. Particularly sensitive and dry skin enjoys the purity of the rose water, because it has an ideal pH and is also rich in natural antioxidants and valuable vitamins. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make rose water a cleansing toner alternative for impure and stressed skin, as it gently supports the healing process of the skin. Even mature skin enjoys the extra dose of moisture that helps to revitalize the skin and provide a firming effect.


Use. “The Rose Water Mist is best stored in the refrigerator, the refreshing effect of the rose water is even more intense when it’s cold,” advises Susanne Kaufmann. Sprayed on two cotton pads, it lets tired eyes shine again within minutes. Use the spray instead of a toner in your facial care routine or as a finish over your make-up. Two or three pumps can also care for brittle split ends and will instantly put you in a good mood!

Many of our spa guests know our aromatic rose water spray from the treatment booth. It is now available as a 75 ml spray online or at any of our distribution partners.