Beauty Sleep for Your Skin and Hair

Beauty Sleep for Your Skin and Hair

Discover our top tips for maintaining your skin and hair in your sleep.

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. Ideally, according to experts, we should sleep between seven and ten hours a day. Why not just use this time to care for our skin. Small beauty rituals make ‘the beauty sleep’ particularly effective.

Face. We know perfectly well, that after a stressful day you just want to go to bed - cover your head and close your eyes. But to turn your sleep into a beauty sleep, a cleansing routine is a must. A skin cleanser or wash gel will help remove make-up, debris, and excess sebum from the face. A subsequently applied tonic refreshes and invigorates the skin. At night, we can support our skin ideally in its regeneration, because it is much more receptive at night. For this reason, we advise you to apply a serum that complies with the respective condition of the skin: skin smoothing, clarifying or couperose, anti-aging, firming and intensively moisturizing or skin pigmentation. Afterwards the night care is applied.

Susanne Kaufmann's insider tip is to enrich the Susanne Kaufmann lifting mask with a drop of pomegranate oil. It has a wonderful cooling effect and prevents puffiness in the eye area. You can either use this combination as a mask or apply it thinly in place of a night cream.

Body. End the day with a soothing herbal bath or a detox oil scrub followed by a shower. Hands and feet are also do well with an extra dose of care during the night. A hand peel helps to smooth the skin without irritating it and soothes sensitive areas. Our hand serum supports the skin structure on the surface as well as the deeper skin layers. Likewise, pigment spots are lightened and the skin regains its elasticity. Heavily damaged nails can heal thanks to the valuable oils in our nail oil and thus strengthen their structure again. A short movement of feet and legs (high-knees) help to prevent swelling and help you to fall asleep quickly. The cooling leg and venous spray is an especially handy companion, particularly in summer. For smooth feet with no cracks nourish them with one of our foot creams. Whether with a warming or cooling effect - well-manicured summer feet are guaranteed.

Hair. Dust and remnants of styling products do not necessarily do any good to the scalp and hair structure overnight. Some strong brush strokes for short as well as long hair help to remove both as far as possible. If you opt for a hair wash, treat yourself to a small scalp massage while shampooing your hair. Small gentle circular movements with the fingers help almost immediately when relaxing. And did you know that you can leave the hair elixir as well as the hair mask of Susanne Kaufmann in your hair overnight? A must try!

We wish you a good night and a restful beauty sleep!